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Electrical Subpanel Basics for Homes – Part 2

As Part 1 discussed, an electrical subpanel is basically a smaller service panel. It can be described as a “satellite circuit breaker panel.” A subpanel is typically installed in a location far from the main service panel and convenient to the area it serves. Part 2 will discuss the Benefits of Electrical Subpanels and Construction Savings.


Benefits of Electrical Subpanels


An electrical subpanel is installed for a home’s electrical system for three typical reasons:

  • Convenience
  • Efficiency
  • Space


Typically, subpanels are utilized for extending the wiring for several branch circuits to an area of a home or a structure quite a distance away from the main service panel. Examples of potential subpanel locations are room additions, garages, and guest houses.


One set of feeder wires from the main service panel are run to a subpanel. Here the power is distributed to several branch circuits serving a specific home area or nearby structure. Just like the main service panel, circuits from the subpanel can supply electricity to appliance, light, or outlet circuits.


Located at their service area, a subpanel’s circuits can be much more easily controlled because there is no need to go to the main service panel that is located some distance away. For example, in the case of a workshop in a garage, a power tool may trip a circuit breaker occasionally. If the garage is serviced by an electrical subpanel, the circuit breaker can be easily reached and reset quickly.


A subpanel is also a method for installing additional circuits when all the slots in the main service panel are occupied. For example, after one 60-amp breaker is run to a subpanel, the power it supplies can be distributed into several smaller circuits.


Construction Savings


A subpanel can help a home construction project save time, effort, and costs by decreasing the runs connected to the main service panel. In terms of material and labor costs, it would be expensive to run several individual circuits from a remote area on a residential property back to the main service panel. It’s much more economical to connect one lone high-amperage circuit to a subpanel and create several smaller circuits to power a remote service area.


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