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Written by Walt Meyer

Electrical Safety Outdoors for Spring

As the season turns from winter to spring, there will be more activities enjoyed outside. One of the most important things to be aware of is electrical safety in your home’s exterior areas.

Wintry weather may have affected the condition of outdoor electrical wiring and equipment. The following will discuss three important electrical safety practices for outdoors. Remember to work with a licensed electrician for the best results and safety.

Exterior Electrical Safety Inspection

Performing a checkup of exterior electrical wiring and outdoor equipment twice a year is recommended. Have a licensed electrician perform a safety inspection to ensure that all the wiring and equipment is functioning properly and safely, as well as being stored properly.

As mentioned above, winter conditions may have caused them to deteriorate, and an experienced electrician will verify whether any wiring or equipment needs repair or replacement.

Repair & Replace Wiring

When electrical wiring has been damaged or loosened because of winter storms, it can create a very serious safety hazard for both people and property. Faulty wires can result in electrical shock, causing injury or death.

Exposed exterior wires can start a deadly electrical fire that can severely damage a home. A licensed electrician will be able to spot faulty or damaged wiring during a safety inspection and make the necessary repairs.

Wiring & Water

Electricity and water is not a safe mix. Spring is typically the wettest season of the year and combining poor weather conditions with electrical wiring and equipment that is damaged or faulty means danger. When moisture touches electrical wiring or equipment, both the home and its residents are at risk.

For homeowners who have a pool, hot tub, or outdoor kitchen, a safety inspection before spring will bring peace of mind. Always work with a licensed electrician who is knowledgeable of local outdoor electrical codes to safely install exterior electrical wiring and equipment.

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