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Electric Choices for Your Home’s Winter Heating – Part 1

Most homes use hot water or forced air heating systems because they are less costly. However, using electric heating is more advantageous in certain situations. In a few areas, electricity is less expensive than either oil or gas. The following will discuss the three main types of electric heating. Discuss your options with an experienced and reputable licensed electrician in your area for your safety and the best results.


1) Electric Resistance Heating

Resistance heating passes electricity through an element, and this efficient process creates heat. However, the electricity was probably generated by oil, gas, or coal. According to the Department of Energy, less than a third of the energy from burning these three fuels generates electricity. Thus, electric furnaces are not as efficient as furnaces that burn natural gas, oil, or propane, and they are more costly. The following are the three main types of electric resistance heating.

• Baseboard Heaters – Using heating elements contained in pipes, baseboard heaters are usually installed beneath windows, and they heat transfer systems assisted by aluminum fins. When colder air descends to the floor, it will be replaced by rising warm air through convection. This is the process baseboard heaters use to circulate the heated air throughout a room, warming the entire area. 

• Electric Furnaces – For a home not connected to a fuel line, one heating option is installing an electric furnace. It typically consumes more energy than other electric heating methods because energy is lost from leaking ducts while distributing the heated air with a blower that forces air past heating elements and into ductwork. This is described as a forced air system, and its filter will need to be replaced regularly.

• Electric Wall Heaters are installed on the walls of interiors and utilize an electric element built with a reflector designed to reflect the warmth it generates into an area. It also has a fan that blows heated air out of the heater.

Part 2 will cover Heat Pumps and Radiant Heating.

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