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Written by Walt Meyer

Easy Guide for Home Theater Wiring – Part 1

Entertainment and sports fans typically spend thousands of dollars on electronic equipment and seating for their home theaters. Unfortunately, they rarely spend any time thinking about their wiring requirements.

Connecting and powering home theater equipment using the proper cables and wires is as crucial as purchasing great electronics. People often overlook how much wiring quality can influence the viewing and listening experience. In addition, improper wiring can be a safety hazard.

For the most part, wiring requirements for home theater systems depend on the individual components. However, there are several professional standards that need to be implemented when creating the ideal home theater.

The following will cover five basics of home theater wiring. Work with an experienced and licensed electrician in your area to get the best results.

1) Safety

 In all aspects of wiring, safety should be given the utmost importance. Utilize only cables and wires that are in compliance with safety guidelines. National standards include resistance to abrasion, chemicals, fire, and temperature changes.

An improper practice that is most commonplace is passing wiring beneath reclining chairs without using the proper procedures for insulation. Doing so can result in a serious fire hazard when a short circuit occurs.

 2) Planning

Let’s discuss specific several practices you should use in the setup of the screen, recliners, and speakers. Planning the wiring must be done well ahead of time. Your home theater’s lighting requirements, networking, and potential future expansions or upgrades should also be considered before starting.

In order to accurately estimate the required cable lengths, first determine the most efficient route to be used. Whether using cables for speakers, HDMI, or networking, a minimum of 20% should be added to their estimated lengths in order to provide adequate slack, cover installation mistakes, and sdeal with potential obstacles.

Part 2 will discuss The Right Hardware, Raceways, and Separating AV Cables and Power Cables.

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