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Written by Walt Meyer

Benefits of Installing a Heat Recovery Ventilator

When it’s the colder months of the year, houses need to be sealed to cope with winter weather while staying energy efficient. Valuable energy is wasted when a drafty window allows heated air to escape outdoors. A drawback of being strongly insulated however is that the air indoors becomes stuffy and stale. Dust and pollutants accumulate, making the air unhealthy for breathing.

Fortunately, there is a great solution for improving indoor air quality in your home during winter. Install a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) that will work alongside your existing HVAC system. HRVs take in fresh air from outside, then heat it with a flow of outgoing warm air while it enters the HVAC, where the process of heating is finished.

HRV Benefits

1) The HRV process of repurposing outgoing warm indoor air recovers over 80% of the energy that would have been otherwise lost.

2) Warming the intake of fresh air prior to being heated by the HVAC decreases the overall energy use by the heating system. The heater won’t have to be used at a higher setting for maintaining the preferred temperature indoors, which will significantly reduce a homeowner’s utility bills.

3) Health-conscious homeowners will appreciate the ability of an HRV for improving indoor air quality. A steady intake of fresh air from outdoors will create a healthier environment indoors. You won’t have to open windows to breathe fresh air during the colder months, which wastes precious energy.

4) An HRV can also provide benefits during the warmer months. When the intake of warmer outdoor air enters the HVAC system, its temperature will be decreased by cooler outgoing air. This process lessens the workload of the air conditioning system, conserving energy and bringing healthier fresh air indoors.

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