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Written by Walt Meyer

5 Important Qualities of a Licensed Electrician

Electricians can carry out many tasks, from a wiring installation in a new house to repairing and replacing an outdated electrical system in an older one. You may be considering hiring an electrician and was planning to ensure the candidates you interviewed were properly trained and licensed. That should just be the start. The following will discuss five important qualities you should look for in a licensed electrician.

1) Accurate Problem Solver

An electrician will face both simple and complex problems that they will need to solve accurately and efficiently. There will be projects that require only one electrician, and this professional will have to be resourceful and work independently when addressing issues. The professional will need to be able to think critically when making an assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of each possible solution.

2) Good Time Management

Completing an assignment on time is a skill that an electrician must master. When an electrician is a member of a team, this skill becomes even more crucial. As a homeowner, you will be relying on accurate estimates of the cost of labor and time required to complete a job. References can help you make an assessment regarding an electrician’s time management.

3) High Reliability

Reliability is an important quality every electrician must have. As a homeowner, you want an electrician who is punctual and whose work is of high quality. Online reviews from previous customers on reputable websites will give you a general idea of how dependable an electrician has been previously.

4) Strong Communication Skills

An electrician will be working with a wide range of individuals, including building contractors, estimators, homeowners, and project managers, so their communications skills must be strong to work effectively with other team members.

5) Very Detail Oriented

An electrician’s attention to detail and caution plays a great part in safely performing tasks and ensuring a project complies with code. An electrician needs a thorough understanding of current regulations and best practices to help keep customers safe for many years after a job is completed.

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