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Nine Landscape Lighting Design Basics – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, lighting design can significantly transform how your property is perceived at night. The following are five more landscape lighting design basics for your home. Consult with an experienced and licensed electrical services company for your safety and the best results.

5) Light Direction for Emotion

Light direction is a great tool for obtaining a desired emotional effect.  For example, down-lighting will result in a romantic aura make it seem like moonlight is softly bathing an area. In contrast, up-lighting results in an effect that is dramatic and bold when light is directed upward toward a landscape element, like a statue. On the other hand, cross-lighting results in a neutral affect because it create greater depth in an area by directing light from two opposite sides and eliminating shadows. 

6) Prevent Light Pollution

Light design also requires awareness of unintended effects. For example, light pollution can involve directing light towards residences beyond your property, perhaps violating the peace and privacy of your neighbors. An overuse of landscape lighting may also create the unpleasant effect of overwhelming the moon and stars above.

7) Night Lighting Placement

Working during daytime on the placement of lighting will not give you a good idea how the shadows of statues, trees, and plants will look. There is also a good chance that the directions of lights will be inaccurate and require adjustment once the errors become clear after nightfall.

8) Timing is Everything

Automating where and when landscape lighting is activated can be made easy with timer apps, which can even be controlled by smartphones or tablets. This convenience saves a homeowner time and effort 24/7. Programmed dimmers can also be used to control the strength of lights during certain periods.

9) Wattage for Control

Choosing the proper wattage will significantly affect whether or not your lighting design will be successful. Avoid high-wattage bulbs for landscape features because they generate lighting that looks stark and harsh. Typically, lower wattage bulbs will create an atmosphere of understated elegance that is easy on your eyes.

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