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Written by Walt Meyer

Nine Landscape Lighting Design Basics – Part 1

You’ve done a wonderful job beautifying your property with landscaping during the spring and summer. Unfortunately, all your hard work may be unappreciated after sunset. Lighting design can dramatically improve how your property is perceived at night. The following are nine landscape lighting design basics for your home. Consult with an experienced and licensed electrical services company for your safety and the best results.

1) Determine the Purpose First

Before planning an area’s lighting determine your primary purpose. For example, if your goal is the safety of your guests as they stroll through a garden, position lights so the walkways are adequately and properly illuminated. For an area with impressive trees, maybe your purpose is to draw attention to them. To improve security, you will work to enhancing visibility in a location. 

2) Ensure Safety and Visibility

The basics of landscape lighting primarily involve safety and visibility in certain areas. Pathways and entryways must be adequately lit. Pool areas, driveways, and stairs, must be properly lit so people can move safely. However, once the basics are ensured, you can begin thinking about how lighting design can make these areas beautiful.

3) Go Beyond Solar Lights

Although many homeowners are satisfied by placing solar lights on both sides of the walk of their front door, landscape lighting design, when well conceived, can be an art form. Lighting can set the atmosphere and mood in an area, and you do not have to wait for the holidays. In fact, lights can make your landscaping magical all year round.

4) LED Lighting Longevity

Halogen and LED lights have been top choices for landscape lighting design. However, LED lights are now taking the lead because they are versatile and durable. LEDs can be used creatively by being controlled by dimmers. In addition, their incredible service lives of 100,000 hours and ability to withstand the elements make maintenance much easier as years pass before they need replacement. They also significantly save on utility bills.

Part 2 will cover five more landscape lighting design basics.

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