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Written by Walt Meyer

Make Your Home Safer Electrically This Fall – Part 1

Fall is coming soon, and it’s a good time to schedule an electrical safety inspection to help ensure the safety of your home before the holiday season when the risk of electrical fire is greatest. Licensed electricians will inspect each room and space in your house and perform an electrical repair wherever they find something unsafe or not up to code. The following are eight tips for electrical safety indoors and outdoors this fall. 

Clutter Removal

Flammable objects must be kept a safe distance away from indoor and outdoor electrical fixtures. Outlets being used may generate sparks that will ignite items like clothing, papers, or curtains, resulting in a fire. Fixtures that are located outdoors may be surrounded by branches, leaves, and trash carried by wind in the fall.

Damaged Wiring

A regular electrical safety inspection of wiring is even more crucial in older homes. Years of wear and tear lead to wire coating becoming brittle and eventually breaking, becoming fire hazards. Older homes have a greater chance of having faulty wiring, and an examination of the electrical system by a licensed electrician is essential for your safety.

Electrical Lines

An outdoor DIY project that will use electrical lines and extension cords will require more caution during the fall, especially in regions where there is a change of seasons. Leaves and branches lying on the ground are a fire hazard, and wiring should be kept clear of these flammable items.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

Automatically shutting off electricity, GFCIs decrease the chances of electrical shock and fires. A ground fault circuit interrupter is typically installed in rooms where electricity and water may make contact, such as kitchens and bathrooms. A licensed electrician can test that your GFCIs are working properly or install them where they are needed and keep your family safe.

Part 2 will discuss four more home electrical safety tips for fall.

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