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Written by Walt Meyer

House Meter Base Repairs and Upgrades

A meter base is an enclosure that protects an electric meter from the elements, keeping wires and electrical connections dry. We’ll discuss several aspects regarding meter bases from the homeowner’s point of view. A home’s meter base may need to be upgraded to meet greater power demands and promote safety. Be sure to call an experienced and licensed electrician to get the best results. 

Homeowner’s Responsibility

Although the local power company utilizes and provides the electric meter inside the base, a homeowner has responsibility for all equipment attached. The utility has the responsibility for supplying power up to the point of attachment.

In instances when bad weather detaches the electrical line from your home, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to repair the point of attachment if it sustains any damage. If the wire was damaged, the utility should repair it without charging a fee. However, they may require repairs for equipment that was the responsibility of the homeowner before proceeding.

Homeowners who have their electric service underground have to ensure that the utility has a clear path, such as a trench, for laying their cable. They must also provide a proper conduit system to protect wires leading to the meter base.

Upgrading a Meter Base

Older meter bases may require upgrading in order to comply with code requirements, which are updated regularly to keep up with current needs. Your current meter base can be upgraded to higher amperages. Nowadays, 200A is the standard for most new homes.

Types of Meter Bases

Owners of older homes should seriously consider a replacement upgrade if your home is currently equipped with a 60A meter base. Installing a 200A meter base would meet modern power demands and increase safety. Not uncommon in homes in the U.S., 100A meter bases are often upgraded to 200A for the same reasons as above. However, large homes may need a 400A meter base. Dimming and flickering lights, among other issues, are caused by the lack of amperage capacity.

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