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Written by Walt Meyer

Find the Correct New Thermostat for Your Home

The coldest months of the year are on their way, and you want to ensure your home is comfortable when it’s freezing outside. The installation of a programmable thermostat is one of the easiest methods for increasing comfort, while lowering utility bills by up to 33%. The following discusses how to find the correct new thermostat for your home. Hire a reputable and licensed electrician for installation to get the best results.

Compatibility with Home HVAC System

First, confirm the type of your home’s heating and air conditioning system. This will determine whether the thermostat is compatible with your home. A central heating and air conditioning system is by far the most common. However, some homes also utilize heating alternatives like electric baseboards and furnaces. 

Thermostat Types

Although it may seem complicated because there are various types of thermostats, you can easily narrow down your choices by noting your preferences.

Digital Non-Programmable – This type will requires a homeowner to manually change the settings of the thermostat as temperatures change.

Learning: Representing the new generation of advanced thermostats, it provides the most energy efficiency. Although it is similar to a programmable thermostat, it does not require manual programming. Over time, this thermostat will learn from a homeowner’s daily preferences and habits. They are also capable of adjusting themselves when no one is at home and generating reports on energy usage. These smart thermostats can be connected to a home’s Wi-Fi and remotely controlled.

Manual – This kind of thermostat will feature the same manual controls as a digital non-programmable, but it will lack a convenient LCD display.

Programmable – You can set this type of thermostat to automatically change the temperature settings of this thermostat higher or lower for each day of the week, matching the needs of their daily schedules. In addition to providing greater convenience, your home’s heating system will be much more efficient.

Remote – A remote thermostat connects via a hub of the home’s internet, letting homeowners control the unit with a laptop, smartphone, or tablet remotely.

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