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Written by Walt Meyer

Why Your Home Needs a Standby Generator for Winter – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, electrically related problems happen more often during winter. When temperatures are freezing, losing power can be inconvenient and even hazardous. Part 2 will discuss the main benefits of getting a standby generator.

Main Benefits of a Standby Generator

Food, Beverages & Medicine Preserved – During a power outage, a refrigerator will keep getting power, preserving everything stored inside. You won’t have to go to the supermarket and replace groceries that have spoiled.

Instant Power – One of the biggest advantages of a standby generator is the almost instant generation of electricity as soon as there’s a power outage. Immediate power makes sure home heating systems continue running uninterrupted.

No Hotel Stay – Without electricity during winter, your home will be freezing. A standby generator will keep your furnace running and you and your family warm. You won’t have to check into a hotel or eat out, so you save money.

Plumbing Protected – When the exterior temperature dips below zero, a standby generator will keep your heating system running and your house properly heated. This will prevent the water in the pipes from freezing, preventing damage and costly repairs.

Power Surges Prevented – The chances of a power surge that can damage appliances, fry outlets, and start a fire are decreased. A standby generator also helps protect your sensitive, expensive electronics from being damaged by harmful power surges that can happen when utility electricity suddenly comes back on after a power outage.

Safety & Security – If power from the utility is cut at night, a standby generator will keep the lights on so you and your family can keep moving safely around at home. Alarm systems and motion detector lights stay on to help keep your house secure.

Sump Pump Powered – A sump pump requires electricity to run, and will prevent your basement from being flooded during a power outage if your home is equipped with a standby generator.

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