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Written by Walt Meyer

Warm Your Home with Electric Resistance Heating

As a homeowner, you may be wondering if your electric heating system is working efficiently during the long cold nights of winter. Well, electric resistance heating is remarkably efficient, turning almost 100% of the electrical power it uses into heat. It is also environmentally friendly because it helps decrease fossil fuels used by power plants to generate electricity.

How They Work

Electric resistance heaters use one or more heating elements activated by sequence relays from the thermostat at intervals of 30-seconds, which prevents generating electrical surges that would disrupt the electrical system. For heat pump and warm air systems, the elements are typically positioned in the enclosure of the heat pump or furnace. Below are the main types of electric resistance heaters.

Electric Furnaces

Functioning like oil or gas furnaces, electric furnaces are powered by electrical power rather than combustion. Similar to other forced-air heating units, their efficiency can be increased by regular filter replacements as recommended by the manufacturer and sealing ductwork.

Electric Baseboard Heaters

Featuring electric heating elements that are contained within metal pipes running along baseboards, these heaters are a very good choice when occasional heating is needed for individual rooms. Every space would be equipped with an individual thermostat to have greater control over heating use.

Electric Thermal Storage

An electric resistance heater is the most common form of electrical thermal storage. It is advantageous in regions where utilities bill higher for electricity power used during daylight hours. This type lets homeowners benefit from the night’s lower rates by being able to store electrical heat during nighttime to be used during the day.

Electric Wall Heaters

An electric wall heater features an electric heating element positioned before a reflector. Typically, a fan is located within the unit to push air around the heating elements.

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