Written by Walt Meyer

Standard Maintenance for Your Home Standby Generator

A home standby generator is like an automobile in that it has a motor that requires several types of fluids and electrical connections that allow it to work properly. A car periodically gets oil changes and tune-ups so it can remain under warranty and keep running normally throughout its expected lifespan.

Similarly, if you want your home standby generator to have a long service life, ensure it receives regular maintenance. The following are tips for keeping your home’s generator ready to go the moment a power outage strikes.

Monthly Checkup

Perform a general inspection on a standby generator every month. Monthly checkups ensure a generator is in good running condition. The following lists the basics to check:

Cleanliness: Make sure the surrounding area and generator are clean of dirt and debris. Enclosed units must be checked for pests.

Coolant Level: Coolant is required to prevent the motor from overheating, so verify there is a sufficient amount in the tank.

Corrosion Check: Inspect the unit for corrosion on the battery, all electrical connections, and exterior covering. If found, contact a professional to address these issues.

Oil Level: Ensure that the oil level is nearly full to assist in the lubrication of the motor. It should not be overfilled.

Tune Up Twice a Year

Every six months, your licensed electrician should perform a tune-up on the generator. This service includes a thorough inspection, including the monthly checkup above, testing, and any needed repairs and replacements as listed below.

  • Check quantity and quality of every fluid
  • Clean or replace oil, air, and engine filters
  • Flushing of cooling system
  • Inspection of battery
  • Perform load bank testing
  • Replace the spark plugs if required

Electrical Services You Can Trust

Meyer Electrical Services is an authorized Kohler and KOHLER Sales & Service Dealer. We provide custom standby generator installations and are trained and licensed to perform the regularly required important factory service and maintenance.

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  • Standby Generator Installation
  • Panel Upgrades (Heavy-Ups)
  • Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Structured Cabling
  • Circuit Breaker Replacement

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