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Written by Walt Meyer

Prepare for Severe Weather With a Standby Generator – Part 1

The Mid-Atlantic region of the United States occasionally suffers severe weather events which can happen any time of the year. This article will first discuss three common events that can strike any region in Maryland. Next, it will cover the two most extreme weather events, hurricanes and tornadoes. Finally, it will conclude by suggesting the best way to prepare for the power outages rough weather might cause.


An extremely heavy rain for a short period can result in a flash flood, which can be deadly because they happen so suddenly. On May 27, 2018, the historic Main Street of Ellicott City, Maryland flooded after more than eight inches of rain fell in just two hours, and one man was killed.

Steady rain for extended periods can also result in flooding that disrupts daily lives. Floods sometimes cut power from the utility, and coping with an outage while it is raining can be a challenge for any household if they are not prepared with an emergency source of power.


Basically, lightning is a giant spark of static electricity generated by a storm. A thunderstorm is a rainstorm from which thunder made by lightning can be heard. Thunderstorms are quite common, numbering 100,000 annually in the United States. Winds nearing 60 mph can be caused by a severe thunderstorm, which can result in downed power lines and electrical outages.

Winter Storms

The amount of snow that falls in in Maryland can vary greatly by county. Montgomery County averages 18 inches annually. However, the upper portion of the county accumulated almost 70 inches in the 2013-2014 winter. Winter storms can bring low temperatures, high winds, sleet, ice, and freezing rain. A combination of these elements can cause a power outage that may last for days.

Part 2 will discuss Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and the Best Way to Prepare for a Power Outage.

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