Written by Walt Meyer

Home Backup Power Options – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, power failures can happen in every part of the country at any time of the year, and a standby generator will provide the best overall functionality as the power backup for your home. Part 2 will cover Portable Generator and Renewable Energy as power backup options. Make sure to talk to a professional licensed electrician in your area to get the best results. 

Portable Generator

Popular for suburban homes, portable generators have the advantages of being able to be used in different areas of the home, then conveniently stored away. This flexibility allows them to be brought along on a camping trip or kept in a vacation home. Unfortunately, portability also makes them easy to steal, so they must be secured when used outside the premises.

Powered by gasoline or diesel, portable generators require owners to have a means of storing and, occasionally, transporting fuel safely. They also generate pollutants and noise when running. Proper grounding and wiring into an auxiliary breaker panel will also be necessary.

Costs will range between $600 and $3,000 as determined by size. Portables can provide electricity for most necessities, such as refrigerators, lighting, pumps, and furnaces. A portable generator will probably overload if it is used to power every appliance.

Renewable Energy

Gaining traction, affordable single panel and multiple panel photovoltaic solar generators are available for roof mounting. Generating DC electricity, solar panels can provide power for lighting and appliances during a power outage. Solar backup power systems start at $1,000 for a portable single panel to more than $4,000 for twin panel systems.

Wind turbines are best for rural homes because of zoning laws and weather patterns needed for adequate wind. Wind can be inconsistent, so all power generated must be transmitted by an inverter to a battery bank. A new breaker panel will also need to be installed. Wind turbines are capable of powering essentials like heating, lighting, pumping, and refrigeration. Pricing will depend on location and size, and an installation specialist is needed.

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