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Written by Walt Meyer

Rewire Your Home for Safety and Greater Capacity – Part 1

Replacing and upgrading the wiring of your home will be a big project, but it is often required for safety reasons. If you’re planning a remodel or renovation, rewiring should also be considered because including this during the process will save money. It also allows a homeowner to bring the electrical system up to code while increasing capacity to meet modern demands. Modernizing a house’s electrical system will require a licensed electrical contractor.

When Upgrading is Necessary

An upgrade of electrical wiring will be inconvenient for those living in the home. However, it may be needed to ensure safety, improve performance, and attain the normal resale value of your home. Fortunately, working with experienced electricians on creating a good plan before starting a project will lessen how disruptive it will be to your family.

If lights turn on and the appliances and electronics get power, does it mean your electrical system is working well? Although functional, your home’s wiring may be dated and degraded, especially if your house was built more than 40 years ago.

Old Wiring Safety Problems

According to National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) research, the top cause of home fires is defective wiring. The probability that the wiring of an older home is faulty and unsafe grows as time passes, and regular safety inspections should be performed by a licensed electrician.

Older equipment such as knob and tube wiring from the beginning of the 20th century may not be dangerous even though they are obsolete. What makes dated wiring problematic is that they are no longer up to code and their components may have deteriorated in such a way that they compromise safety. For example, wire insulation gradually degrades as time passes to the point an electrical fire may result from exposed wiring.

Part 2 will cover Warning Signs, Aluminum Wiring, and Increasing Capacity.

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