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Written by Walt Meyer

Get Your Home Electrically Ready for Winter

When it’s winter, electrical consumption goes up because the days are shorter and temperatures are colder. People typically spend more time indoors to stay warm, resulting in more demand for electricity. There will also be more potential hazards at home because of increased electrical use.

Perhaps the most crucial part about getting your home electrically ready for winter is preventing electrical hazards. Below are some basic electrical safety tips that should be implemented by all homeowners.

Severe winter weather can cause long power outages, and homeowners must be prepared when this happens. Licensed electricians advise installing an emergency standby generator to be ready for winter storms. A generator makes a home safer by providing the power needed for lighting, heating, refrigerators, security systems, and assistive devices for the elderly or disabled.

Hire a professional electrician to install additional power outlets. Having more outlets in your home helps prevent overloading existing sockets when too many appliances and devices are plugged in, especially during holiday season.

Perform regular safety checks to ensure that unneeded electronics, appliances and electrical devices are shut off before going to bed. Not only will this conserve energy, it will decrease utility bills and help prevent dangerous electrical fires caused by power surges and short-circuits.

Have a licensed electrician perform a safety inspection of your home’s electrical system. This should include outlets, light switches, plugs, and wiring. Over the years, they will eventually wear out or become damaged from everyday usage. An annual safety inspection will help determine what needs to be replaced or repaired. Fixing issues helps eliminate electrical hazards that cause electrical fires.

Always have a home electrical safety checklist handy, and make sure every item is done every fall to get ready for winter. A checklist helps ensure you won’t miss an important item that makes your home safer. Download: ESFI Home Electrical Safety Checklist

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