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Written by Walt Meyer

Common Problems of Electrical Control Panels

The electrical control panel is the brain and heart of a home’s electrical system.Connected to the utility power line, it handles the distribution of current to every circuit running through your house. It also contains circuit breakers that prevent circuits from overloading.

Older homes may still be equipped with fuse-type panels providing only 60 amps. These were replaced by standard circuit breaker-type panels of 100 amps. New construction projects and upgrades are installing panels of 200 amps.

Even though basic in design, an electrical control panel may become faulty due to improper installation, weather conditions, defective components, or normal wear and tear. A licensed electrician should be hired for any inspection and repair work. Below are common problems of electrical control panels.

Damaged by Water

Electricity near water can be deadly. If you see leaking water that is coming close to an electrical panel, stay away from it and contact a licensed electrician as soon as possible for help. Rust stains or white corrosion marks on metal components and wires are indicators of water or moisture inside a panel.

Defective Service Cables

A utility company has the responsibility for cables that run from the power pole to a home’s structural mount. The homeowner is responsible for the group of cables that run from the structural mount to the electrical panel, which are called service entrance cables. Problems include faulty insulation and detached cables, along with missing or defective anchors and clamps that attach service entrance cables to the service panel or meter.

Poor Manufacturing

Electrical control panels that are defective typically have fragile or faulty circuit breakers. Non-standard or unusual designs by manufacturers have also resulted in improper installations. Defective products due to poor manufacturing end up on a government list and require replacement.

Wired Improperly

Common dangers are an oversized circuit breaker, such as a 20-amp breaker utilized for a 10-amp circuit, two single circuits supplied by double-pole breakers, two circuits installed on a single-pole breaker to save space, and crisscrossed wires spanning the panel’s center.

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