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Written by Walt Meyer

Upgrade Your Ventilation Fan for Fresher Bathroom Air – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, it’s probably time to upgrade your bathroom ventilation fan if your air stays humid and odors linger even when it is running. Part 2 will discuss the important features of bathroom ventilation fans. We recommend consulting with an experienced and reputable electrician, who can provide the advice and services you will need.

Air Flow Capacity

Measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm), bathroom ventilation fans vary in airflow capacity. By using Home Ventilating Institute guidelines, you will be able to calculate the needed capacity for your bathroom. Typically, 1 cfm for every square foot of bathroom floor space is needed. An additional 50 cfm per toilet, 50 cfm per shower, 50 cfm per bathtub, and 100 cfm per whirlpool will be necessary for bathrooms larger than 100 square feet. 

Noise Level

For fan noise, the unit of measure used is the sone, which indicates the degree of loudness. Extremely quiet fans have a rating from 0.5 to 1.2 sones. A rating of 1.5 to 2.0 sones is considered very good. Noisy fans have ratings exceeding 4.0 sones.

Smart Features

Smart features include motion sensor activation, which turns on the ventilation fan and overhead lighting when someone enters the bathroom. Another option is presetting the fan on a low volume for removing moisture from a minor activity like brushing teeth, and then activating it by a switch for a high-volume activity like showering.

Models equipped with a low-wattage night light promote safety at night. In addition, there are fans activated by sensors that detect high humidity. For cold nights, fans with built-in heaters provide warmth.

Energy Efficiency

Using about 60% less energy, ENERGY STAR rated bathroom ventilation fans are certified independently by either the Home Ventilating Institute or the Air Movement and Control Association.  For some fans, their quiet motors that allow near silent functioning are also designed for energy efficiency.

In order to comply with building codes in some states, the installation of energy efficient bathroom ventilation fan(s) is required. Be sure to discuss this requirement with the electrical services company you choose.

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