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Typical NEC Code Corrections Needed by Homes

If you are planning a renovation or expansion of your home in Maryland, Virginia, or D.C., you will need an experienced licensed electrician for an electrical inspection to make sure your project will meet National Electric Code (NEC) regulations.

Adopted by every state, the NEC is the universal standard for safety in both electrical installation and design. Their goal is to establish electrical standards that will ensure the protection of people and property from electrical hazards. A homeowner can be fined if there is a NEC code violation that is not fixed promptly. 

The following lists typical NEC code corrections needed by homes:


In locations where water may be present, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) must be installed in crawl spaces, bathrooms, garages, kitchens, outdoors, storage and work areas, nearby sinks, sump pumps, unfinished basements, and wet bars. In addition, they must be easily accessible for resetting whenever their circuit trips.


A ground wire should be a standard feature of fixtures and outlets. The NEC grounding requirements are intended to provide protection from the dangers resulting from a power surge. The ground wire will direct excess energy toward the ground, decreasing the possibility of electrocution, fire, and interference affecting appliances.

Junction Box & Panel Access

Junction boxes are required to be both accessible and visible. As set forth by the requirements of the NEC, every service panel must have a working clearance of 30 inches wide, 36 inches deep, and 80 inches tall.


Too much wiring in an electrical box violates NEC code, and every connection must be made within an approved box. An excessive number of wires may result in overheating, which will melt insulation and ignite an electrical fire. NEC limitations on the number of wires are based on box sizes.

Wiring Errors

Do It Yourself electrical work done by homeowners who are untrained or inexperienced in electrical work often result in wiring errors. These NEC code violations in homes seriously risk the health and safety of their residents.

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