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Written by Walt Meyer

The Importance of Electrical Work for Kitchen Remodels – Part 1

Electrical design and installation for a kitchen remodel or upgrade can certainly improve the daily user experience, and it can also raise your home’s resale value. Kitchen remodeling is a major project as far as expenses and the inconvenience your family will experience during the process. Kitchens are somewhat like airport terminals. If a terminal unexpectedly closes for even a brief period, many flights and passengers will be affected. Not having access to your kitchen during the remodeling process will have a significant impact on your family. 

Budget & Objectives

Prior to starting a kitchen remodel project, it is critical to fully comprehend your budget and objectives. Put them both down on paper and revise them until the features you want matches how much you can afford. electrical workIt would be wise to consult with an experienced electrical services company regarding your plans for electrical design and installation and review your desired features and their form and function. You should also have a discussion regarding your new kitchen’s electrical requirements and complying with the National Electrical Code.

Work Triangle

For determining efficient kitchen layouts, the kitchen work triangle is an important concept. The main kitchen tasks are performed between the refrigerator, stove top, and sink. Imaginary lines between these three points comprise the work triangle. Is the person doing most of the cooking left or right handed? What will be the locations of small appliances like the toaster or microwave? Will their locations optimize your work triangle?

Older Homes

For those owning older homes, consider how comprehensive the planned upgrade will be as the house’s electrical panel will need to be capable of handling the greater electrical loads that will be required by new appliances. If unanticipated, an electrical service upgrade will significantly increase a project’s budget. An experienced professional electrician will be able to help you gain a better understanding of your electrical requirements for the project you envision and the budget you can afford.

Part 2 will discuss Kitchen Lighting, Electrical Circuits, and Contractors.

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