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Written by Walt Meyer

Signs Your Home Should Upgrade Electrical System – Part 1

Upgrading the electrical system of your home will help protect you and your family from deadly electrical fires caused by overloaded circuits. The following will discuss the signs you should upgrade your home’s electrical system.

When Upgrades Should Be Performed

The electrical system of a home is similar to your body’s circulatory system. The heart of the system is the electrical panel. The way the circuits transmit electricity to the appliances, light fixtures, and outlets of a home is similar to how arteries and veins convey blood to the organs.

The capability of its electrical panel determines how much power its circuits can supply. The number of circuit breakers and their capacities guide electricians on how an electrical system will be configured to distribute power to a home.

Initial Upgrading Steps

  1. A home’s electrical panel will be upgraded to handle more utility power.
  2. The circuit breaker box and existing meter are replaced, so more electricity can be handled.
  3. If an electrical panel or circuit breaker is damaged, hazardous or obsolete, it will be replaced.

The above steps won’t affect the home’s interior electrical wiring of a home. But each initial step will increase the capability of an electrical system to distribute electricity.

The installation of more circuits will allow more power to be distributed to appliances and areas in the home. Typically, upgrades will include the replacement of outdated receptacles with new electrical outlets.

Electrical Panels of Older Homes

Homes 50 years old or older were constructed with an electrical system that is only capable of providing 30 to 60 amps. These outdated systems cannot handle today’s electrical demands. Thus, the 200-amp electrical panel has become standard for new homes.

Circuit breakers may frequently trip in an old home. Even though this is inconvenient, it provides protection from an electrical fire. Unfortunately, homes several decades old may have faulty electrical panels with circuit breakers that will fail to trip.

Performing an electrical panel upgrade (heavy-up) and upgrading a house’s electrical wiring can address inadequate power and safety issues.

Part 2 will discuss Indicators Upgrades Are Required, Benefits of Electrical Upgrades, and Dangers of DIY Electrical.

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