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Written by Walt Meyer

Linking Everything in Today’s Smart Home – Part 1

The rapid evolution from the first cell phones of the 1980s to the newest modern smartphones has been incredible. We once used them only for calls and texting, but now mobile phones are smart devices connecting us to the Internet. We can access websites, send and receive e-mails, exchange instant messages, and download files with smartphones. These tasks all need connectivity, and this makes a smartphone similar to a smart home. 

What distinguishes a modern smart home from homes of the past is the connection and control from a central device of devices and appliances. This central device allows a homeowner to control the lighting, thermostat, entertainment systems, appliances, doors and locks, and security of a home from within the premises or miles away from a smart phone or tablet. All these can be accomplished via the connectivity of WiFi, Bluetooth, or other communication protocols that will be discussed in Part 2.


Smart devices in a smart home result in convenience. Tasks that were not possible before are now possible at home and afar. You can turn off the air conditioner, turn on the lighting, lower the music volume, and monitor security while you are away. Appliances can be programmed around your schedule. If sophisticated enough, some smart devices utilize artificial intelligence to observe and learn from your usage patterns in order to self-program themselves. Managing your home can be accomplished with much less effort.

Another important benefit from smart devices is energy efficiency, which results in utility savings and a cleaner environment. Smart thermostats are now available that can use the data recorded from your past settings of your home’s climate control systems and program these preferences for you. Instead of electricity or gas being wasted while you and your family are away at the office or school, the smart thermostat automatically turns off the air conditioning or heating at a certain time. Before you return, the smart thermostat makes the adjustments so that your home is at the ideal temperature to ensure your comfort when you walk through the door.

Part 2 will discuss communication protocols and hubs/gateways you should consider. Consult with an experienced licensed electrician to get the best results.

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