Electrical Heavy-up
Written by Walt Meyer

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Company’s Electrical Panel?

Your company may need an electrical panel upgrade if it wants to remain competitive and ensure safety. Countless businesses in older buildings are functioning with inadequate electrical wiring unable to meet modern demands during an era of proliferating devices. In addition, outdated panels may present a safety hazard to employees and visitors.


A commercial electrical panel distributes electricity to the equipment and devices of a business. Electricity generated by the utility enters a building via the electrical panel, flowing into large electrical branches then into smaller branches for distribution throughout the premises. A panel must be working properly to ensure the productivity and safety of employees.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) require that a commercial electrical panel have a dead front, which prevents a person from being exposed to live electricity that can cause shock or electrocution.


A commercial electrical panel is typically a gray metal box located in a place where it is easily accessible and is not blocked, an OSHA and NFPA safety code violation. It may be found either in the interior or exterior of a building.

Warning Signs

These are warning signs indicating that your company’s electrical panel is outdated and requires replacement:

  • Dimming and flickering lights
  • Fuses constantly blowing
  • Breakers frequently tripping
  • Melted wires and burn marks
  • Crackling or humming sounds from the electrical panel
  • Rust or corrosion on the panel or breakers
  • Electrical service conductors overheating


If a replacement of the electrical panel is required, the electrical contractor will determine the correct size of the new panel so it can meet your company’s electrical demands. The contractor will also obtain local planning permits and approvals. Existing faulty wires will be repaired or replaced to comply with local and federal codes. New wiring installed will also be to code. Whenever necessary, another meter or power supply will be provided by the utility company for installation.

Electrical Services You Can Trust

Founded in 1991 and serving Maryland, Virginia, and D.C., where we are licensed and insured, Meyer Electrical Services provides home and commercial electrical services you can trust, including:

  • Standby Generator Installation
  • Panel Upgrades (Heavy-Ups)
  • Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Structured Cabling
  • Circuit Breaker Replacement

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