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Written by Walt Meyer

Great Electrical Spring Projects for Your Home

The longer and warmer days of spring are almost here, and nature is coming back to life. However, before we get to gardening, maybe we should talk about several electrical spring projects that will spark your home. To get the best results, make sure you work with an experienced, reputable, and local licensed electrician.


Installing dimmer switches indoors will give your household more control over the quality and volume of lighting in specific places. For example, the right amount of illumination can create a more pleasing ambiance at the dining table while you are entertaining guests. Another advantage of dimmer switches is the savings in energy costs by using less electricity.


Exhaust and ceiling fans will freshen up indoor air and help your home stay cooler. An exhaust fan in the bathroom will help minimize humidity and moisture, preventing wood rot and growth of unhealthy mold. Areas with ceiling fans will require less air conditioning, decreasing your utility bills.

GFCIs for Outdoor Safety

Working outdoors will occasionally mean having to deal with the elements. Electricity and water are a dangerous mix. Installing GFCI outlets will help ensure safety when you are working on outdoor projects with electric tools.

Lighting Outdoors

When the temperatures become pleasantly warm, you, your family, and friends will be spending more time outdoors. One way to enhance your outdoor recreational spaces is through the installation of lighting on decks, patios, and landscaping. You can also improve security and safety by installing sensor-activated lighting for walkways, driveways, and garages.

Surge Protection

Installing surge protection will help protect the expensive appliances, electronics, and computers in your home from springtime lightning storms. Micro surges from ordinary use of electricity also occur. Over time, they degrade the inner workings of electrical devices and shorten their life spans.

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