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Written by Walt Meyer

Autumn Electrical Indoor Maintenance for Homeowners

Take the steps to ensure safety, energy efficiency, and comfort in your home during the colder months. The following discusses the important tasks that should be performed before winter. For any type of electrical work, call an experienced licensed electrician to protect your home and family.

Electrical & GFCI Outlet Testing

You can purchase a receptacle tester at a hardware store. When you find a faulty outlet, it could be caused by a loose wire or perhaps something more serious. Outlets that are faulty will often cause cords or plugs to feel hot. Stay safe and call an electrical services company for an inspection. 

After plugging in a lamp into a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet, depress the TEST button, and the lamp should turn off. When you depress the RESET button, the lamp should turn on, indicating the GFCI is working properly.

Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Studies have found that well-maintained heating and cooling systems have much longer service lives than those that are not serviced regularly. A licensed HVAC contractor will be qualified for component cleaning and lubing, filter replacement, temperature control checking, and other required maintenance that will avoid expensive HVAC repair or replacement. If your home has window air conditioning units, properly remove, clean, and store them when the temperatures become cool.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Testing

As winter is the season when homes are more likely to have an electrical fire, test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms every fall.

Standby Generator Preparation

Ask a qualified electrician to inspect and perform scheduled services on your standby generator before the winter storms arrive. Proper maintenance will help ensure your home’s generator will perform safely and reliably whenever it is needed.

Water Heater

Depending on the water heater‘s age and usage, a flushing should be performed yearly. As time passes, mineral deposits and particles will accumulate in the water tank. Regular flushing will make your water heater more efficient and help prevent the buildup of sediments.

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