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Advantages of Installing Motion Lights in Your Home

Motion sensor lights are gaining popularity among homeowners for both indoor and outdoor uses. The following will discuss the advantages of installing them in and around your home. Once you’ve decided on moving forward on any electrical project, consult with an experienced licensed electrician to obtain the best results.


All of us can relate to having trouble locating the light switch in a dark room. Motion detector switches will make this problem a distant memory. Motion sensors can detect movement within a space and automatically activate a light fixture. Imagine carrying two armfuls of groceries into a dark kitchen and lights instantly come on. Picture taking out the trash into a bin outside the garage and a spotlight turns on. The use of motion lights can also dramatically help save on utility bills by ensuring lighting is activated only when needed.


Motion sensitive lights will make the areas they cover much safer. It is common sense that fewer accidents will happen in spaces that have adequate lighting. Areas of the home, such as garages, basements, and utility rooms, are typically filled with items that present hazards if not seen because of darkness. Sensor switches that are strategically placed will decrease dangers like tripping or falling in dimly-lit areas.


Security is the primary benefit that homeowners receive from the installation of motion detector lights. Well-positioned motion activated lights greatly improve both outdoor and indoor security. The landscaping and architectural features of a property provide areas for intruders to conceal themselves. However, motion sensor lights can get rid of these dark spots. As for a home’s interior, motion lighting may be utilized for monitoring the movements of visitors when used with a video camera and alerting residents to someone’s unexpected presence.


A professional electrician with extensive motion sensor light installation experience will know the ideal locations that provide the proper mix of convenience, safety, and security. As they are miniature devices for the detection of infrared energy, sensors need to be positioned with care to secure the ideal field of vision and prevent accidental activations. Below are the most typical locations for installation:

  • Entry Ways
  • Obscured Areas
  • Driveways
  • Walkways

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