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Written by Walt Meyer

Advantages of Automating Your Home’s Window Treatments

Making your home luxurious and smart is as easy as installing motorized shades that are automated. The following will discuss the advantages of upgrading your shades and blinds. Remember to talk to a licensed electrician before starting electrical projects of any kind.

Energy Conservation

Motorized shades and blinds can help keep your home cool. Any time of year, sunlight can enter through a window and raise the temperature inside dramatically.

Traditional window shades are a solution, but they must be manually lowered. Without blinds, the air conditioning will have to work harder than necessary, wasting electricity.

Upgrading to smart shades with sensors that can determine when sunlight needs to blocked and programmed to automatically close or open is an exciting high-tech solution.

Lighting as Needed

Window treatments usually remain stationary and are not used to their full capability for adjusting the amount of natural light that enters a room.

Blinds and shades are usually opened or raised in the morning and closed in the evening. Unfortunately, the opportunities for taking advantage of the benefits of sunlight are lost with this method.

Rather than turning on lamps, you can get a healthy dose of Vitamin D and improve your mood by allowing natural light inside. This can be done automatically through smart home automation that can be programmed for your needs throughout the day.

Improved Security

Window treatments can be a way of improving home security. Whether or not you have a full security and surveillance system, motorized blinds and shades can make a home more secure by discouraging burglars.

The automated and programmed movements of window treatments during particular times of a day will make potential intruders believe someone’s always at home when you are at work or away on vacation.

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