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Written by Walt Meyer

Add Elegance to Your Home with a Chandelier

Chandeliers are the most impressive lighting fixture that homeowners can install. They can offer an impressive introduction to your home in the entryway, sparkling as you and your guests gather in the dining room or serenely adorning a luxury bathroom as you bathe. The following is an overview and guide to chandelier installation.


Installation & Weight

The weight of the chandelier will play a big factor. The existing mounting hardware may be adequate, but the majority of standard electrical boxes have a maximum 50-pound maximum load rating. A new support framework will be necessary for those weighing more.

Chandelier Selection

The selection of the chandelier and the location where it will be mounted will be your first decisions. Below are the ABCs for the three most important factors when choosing a chandelier:

The height of the ceiling and the size of the room: Areas that are larger and taller will need chandeliers of greater proportion.

The object beneath the fixture: For example, a chandelier must not overwhelm a dining table or coffee table. The measurement from the top of the table to the ceiling must play a part in the selection of the light fixture, which should hang from 28 to 32 inches above.

The chandelier’s shape: Interestingly, chandeliers that are lighter with an open design are perceived to be larger. An ideal choice would be a chandelier that has the proper proportions for the size of the room, acts as the focal point, and complements rather than dominates the space.


The installation of a large elaborate chandelier will typically require a licensed electrician and will take about two hours for normal spaces. Request an itemized estimate before proceeding. Take note what the project will include in terms of materials and labor. Costs will vary with the two most important factors being the height of the ceiling and the size of the chandelier. Aside from the cost of the chandelier, expect to pay several hundred dollars for an installation.

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