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Work With a Licensed Electrician for Home Improvements

Working with an experienced electrician can determine whether your home improvement project will be a success or a failure. Ranging from installing a chandelier in your foyer to installing speakers in your home spa, a licensed electrician will be needed to perform an electrical job properly the first time. The following will discuss several home improvement projects that require a licensed electrician.

Lighting Upgrades

Perhaps the most popular lighting upgrade these days is the installation of pendant lights above the kitchen island and breakfast bar. Adding recessed lighting in your living room will provide highlights and directional ambience. Recessed lighting beneath cabinets will give your bathroom and kitchen increased countertop visibility, along with elegance and warmth. New room additions will need general light fixtures. In addition to improving circulation and reducing utility bills, a ceiling fan can provide a room more light. Finally, landscape lighting can beautify your home’s exterior.

Electronic Devices Need Power & Protection

Many homes have trouble providing enough power and surge protection for the growing number of electronic devices (smartphones, laptops, HDTVs, and tablets) being used by you and your family. A licensed electrician will be able to perform the installation of the most modern electrical receptacles that feature USB charging plugs as well as whole home surge protection.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) Unit

If you are remodeling your home by adding rooms or even entire wings, perhaps you may have overlooked the possibility that you many need a new HVAC unit to provide adequate heating, ventilation, and cooling to the new areas. A licensed electrician can evaluate your additional power requirements and ensure your electrical panel will be able to provide more electricity consistently and safely.

Home Renovation & Remodeling

It’s smart to consult with an experienced licensed electrician before beginning work on a major home renovation or remodeling. Projects involving bathrooms, kitchens, and room additions will demand the expertise of a professional to ensure electrical equipment and wiring are installed properly and safely.

Electrical Services You Can Trust

Founded in 1991 and serving Maryland, Virginia, and D.C., where we are licensed and insured, Meyer Electrical Services provides home and commercial electrical services you can trust, including:

  • Standby Generator Installation
  • Panel Upgrades (Heavy-Ups)
  • Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Structured Cabling
  • Circuit Breaker Replacement

Based in Bethesda, our team proudly serves all of Montgomery County. Receive a free consultation for custom electrical work today by calling (301) 941-1400.