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Written by Walt Meyer

Why You Should Spring for an Electrical Panel Upgrade – Part 2

Part 2 will discuss Signs Upgrade Needed, Greater Power Requirements, Surge Protection, Improve Safety, and Higher Resale Value.

Signs Upgrade Needed

Below are signs your home may need an electrical panel upgrade (heavy-up).

  • Burning or ozone odor       
  • Circuit breakers trip or fuses blow frequently    
  • Electrical cords feel warm  
  • Hissing noises coming from the breaker box     
  • Lights dim when appliances are turned on         
  • Lights flicker 
  • Outlets discolored or have scorch marks around them
  • Small electrical shock when you touch an appliance   
  • Sparks fly when an electrical device is plugged in        
  • Warm areas around electrical panel

Greater Power Requirements

Installing new appliances and electronics at your home results in a greater power demand from your electrical system. The new larger refrigerator and big flat screen TV will require more electricity. In addition, most modern households have a growing number of devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which need power. An outdated electrical panel that has a capacity of less than 60 amps may need to be upgraded to at least the higher standard of 200 amps for new homes.

Surge Protection

People typically purchase power strips designed to prevent power surges from harming their electronic devices. However, it would be more effective to stop power surges at the source. You can work with a licensed electrician to install a new electrical panel and whole house surge protection that will protect your home.

Improve Safety

A home with defective or old wiring will be much more vulnerable to a deadly electrical fire. The addition of new circuits during the process of upgrading your home’s electrical panel can help improve the safety of your family and property. In addition, your homeowner’s insurance may get a substantial discount because the risk of fire was greatly decreased.

Higher Resale Value

An electrical panel upgrade with the necessary re-wiring of your home can be costly. However, potential buyers will be glad to know that your home had a heavy-up recently performed. The new equipment means your home is ready for modern electrical demands and is safer. As a result, your house will have a higher resale value.  

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