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Written by Walt Meyer

Why You Should Spring for an Electrical Panel Upgrade – Part 1

Although an electrical panel helps keep most important systems functioning, most homeowners do not consider its importance until it is faulty or no longer capable of providing a household’s power requirements.

The warmer months are on their way, along with potentially higher electrical usage due to air conditioning. This is one of the reasons why the beginning of spring is a great time to consider upgrading an outdated electrical panel.

Outdated Electrical Panel

An outdated electrical panel is more likely to experience failure and become a safety hazard. Thus, owners of homes equipped with an electrical system between 15 and 20 years old should consider performing an electrical panel upgrade or heavy-up.

Most licensed electricians advise replacing an electric panel every 25 to 40 years. If your home is in this age range and its electrical panel has never been replaced, it is time to talk to a licensed electrician about performing an inspection and discussing an upgrade.

A home that is quite old might have had wiring added to circuit breakers. In other cases, dual wires may have been added to a single breaker, which is called double-tapping. Both could lead to overcrowding in the breaker box. An overcrowded environment can result in an arc flash and electrical fire.

Performing a heavy-up also gives a homeowner the opportunity to consider upgrading other outdated components of their electrical system during the process. As an example, modern bathrooms and kitchens are required to have GFCI outlets if they are near sources of water to meet current building codes.

Part 2 will discuss Signs Upgrade Needed, Greater Power Requirements, Surge Protection, Improve Safety, and Higher Resale Value.

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