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Written by Walt Meyer

Why You Should Improve Your Hotel’s Parking Lot Lighting – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, good parking lot lighting is an important feature for every hotel or motel property for the protection and safety of guests and employees. Part 2 will discuss four important tips regarding parking lot lighting.

Depend on an experienced and licensed electrician for creating a professional lighting layout for your parking lot that will meet the requirements of your business.

1) Think About Business Requirements

The layout will chiefly determine what will be adequate for the lighting of your hotel or motel’s parking lot. For example, a hotel next to a mall will need a lighting scheme focused on a high volume of pedestrians. A motel in a rural area will probably require a configuration that helps enhance security after regular office hours.

2) Perform a Lighting Survey

Consult with a commercial electrician about your hotel or motel’s parking lot lighting requirements. You should talk about the intensity, uniformity, energy efficiency, color temperature, and costs. Take a stroll around your premises at night in the parking lot to survey what can be repaired, retained, or upgraded.

3) Installation of LED

Install LED lighting for your parking lot lighting for energy efficiency and savings on utility bills. LED lamps have service lives of up to 100,000 hours. As a result, they are replaced much less frequently, decreasing maintenance expenses. LED lights provide consistent intensity and color temperature during their lifespans, and they have much greater durability than traditional bulbs.

4) Surge Protection

Installing surge protection for parking lot lighting is a smart investment. A licensed electrician can recommend and install surge protection devices that will be able to cope with spikes of electrical energy, preventing them from causing expensive damage to your parking lot lighting.

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