Written by Walt Meyer

Why Regular Generator Maintenance is Important

In the United States, Mud Daubers, also known as Mud Wasps and Mud Divers, are active throughout the year, particularly during the summer. This is also the beginning of hurricane season, when you are more likely to utilize your standby generator than during any other season. These two facts coincide because Mud Daubers have taken to seeking refuge in the enclosures of standby generators. They introduce mud into the generator, which clogs vital components such as circuit boards. You may be tempted to spray insect repellent inside the enclosure of your generator, but doing so will cause damage to the generator’s electrical circuits.

The best way to combat and prevent Mud Daubers from causing damage to your generators is to have a trained generator technician perform regularly scheduled preventative maintenance. Contact Meyer Electrical for more information about our maintenance plans and how our factory-trained generator technicians can help keep your home or business powered when you need it most.