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Written by Walt Meyer

Why Home Businesses Should Install a Standby Generator – Part 2

As covered in Part 1, your home business can be seriously disrupted if electricity from the local utility is cut and there is an extended power outage. Part 2 will discuss why a home business owner should install a standby generator.

Continue Communicating With Customers

Installing a standby generator will allow your home business to maintain customer service and support even during a power outage. Clients who want to call your business will be able to reach your smartphone because you can continuously charge it at home with a dependable source of electricity. You can also access the important data kept on your computers.

Your smartphone can be a personal hotspot, allowing your PCs to access the internet, so you can keep sending emails. Experts recommend advising customers or clients that your home business is experiencing a power outage because they will be more forgiving and patient when there are delays.

Critical Operations Continue Working

Installing a standby generator will help your home business ensure mission-critical operations continue even during a power outage. Crucial lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), and security systems will function with a standby generator. This ensures your home business stays safe and secure when utility electricity is cut.

Keep Protecting Consumer Data

Since they are so unpredictable, power outages can impact the data of your customers or clients. They expect their sensitive information to stay secure and accessible even if utility power is lost.

Power outages and surges can result in damaged servers where consumer data is stored. Without electricity, your data backup system may not be operational, leading to lost data.

A standby generator will supply the electricity in an emergency, ensuring your main servers and backups protect sensitive customer or client information.

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