Written by Walt Meyer

Why Home Businesses Should Install a Standby Generator – Part 1

The COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn led to many homeowners starting their businesses at home. Some remained with their employers but continued working at home as their companies cut costs by closing offices. As a result, both home businesses and individuals who permanently transitioned to a WFH (work-from-home) arrangement dramatically increased in number.

Home Based Entrepreneurs

Natural and manmade disasters can affect home-based entrepreneurs and workers, especially when the local utility power is cut. Electrical outages can be quite common in certain areas when they are caused by severe weather or other natural disasters. However, home business owners can take precautions by protecting their operations if utility power is lost.

The best way to prepare for a power outage is an emergency backup power system that can continue supporting customer support, data recovery, and communications functions. Your home business will ensure business continuity if it has a constant electricity supply.

The most common permanent source of backup electricity is an emergency standby generator. It is an effective and efficient source of electricity when there is a loss of utility power. For home businesses, a standby generator can provide the electricity that will help minimize the disruptions caused by a utility power outage.

Decrease Downtime

A power outage can greatly impact a home business without a backup source of electricity. You and your employees won’t be able to utilize electrical equipment. Data stored on computers can’t be accessed. Channels for communication with clients or customers will be lost. If a serious power outage lasts several days, your home business will suffer major losses in productivity and profitability. 

Installing a standby generator will decrease the downtime resulting from losing utility power. Just seconds after detecting the loss of utility power, the automatic transfer switch will activate and start generating electricity for your home business.

A standby generator can run continuously for 24 hours for up to a week with a sufficient fuel supply, usually natural gas or propane. Your home business will be able to continue functioning until utility power is restored.

Part 2 will cover why your home business should install a standby generator.

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