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Written by Walt Meyer

Top Reasons for Hiring a Licensed Electrician – Part 1

If electrical work is needed at your house, you might consider doing it yourself because you think you can do the job faster while saving money. Unfortunately, DIY projects involving electricity can not only be frustrating, but very hazardous.

To ensure electrical projects are performed properly and safely, work with a licensed electrician to get the best results possible.  Hiring a licensed electrician will get you a professional who has received adequate training. In addition, the electrical work performed must meet specific standards.

The following will discuss the seven top reasons for hiring a licensed electrician to performing electrical projects at your home.

1) Proper Training and Experience

In Maryland, licensed electricians are required to log thousands of hours working as a trainee under a licensed electrician’s supervision before being granted their own license. The typical homeowner will not have anywhere near this level of electrical training.

2) Knowledge of Electrical Risks & Safety

Carrying out electrical work can be dangerous. In addition to the risks involved with electricity and wiring, you can fall from a ladder or become exposed to hazardous chemicals involved in electrical work. The licensed electricians have prepared themselves to properly operate machinery and maintain safety when harmful substances are present.

Today’s basic home electrical panel provides 200 amps, which is sufficient to put someone who is careless into the hospital or worse. Even homeowners who take every recommended safety precaution would actually be better off hiring a licensed electrician rather than doing their own DIY electrical projects.

3) Get Permits and Inspections Required

For many electrical projects, you will be required to undergo the time-consuming and frustrating process of acquiring the proper permits and inspections by yourself. In contrast, a licensed electrician will take the initiative for obtaining the permits for your project.

Part 2 will discuss four more top reasons for hiring a licensed electrician.

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