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Written by Walt Meyer

Structured Wiring for Your Smart Home – Part 1

A home’s wiring infrastructure is the digital backbone that supports a variety of technologies working inside. Low-voltage cabling can deliver access control, audio/video, communication, data, and security camera transmissions throughout a home. When properly installed, data and content are transmitted accurately, reliably, and quickly. Although modern Wi-Fi is capable of doing the above, it is much more prone to buffering, drops, and latency.

Better Wiring

A properly wired home will have a speedy and dependable multi-lane freeway, where transmissions do not have connectivity issues, slow delivery, or traffic bottlenecks. 4K videos can be downloaded without a degraded picture, and several users are able to stream simultaneously without problems wherever they are in the home.

Properly installed wiring also helps ensure the security of a network. Your home will be less vulnerable to cyberattacks and spying. A poll found that two out of three homeowners are concerned about their connected devices, and if there could be eavesdropping on their communications. The use of cabling helps ensure strong cybersecurity for a home as they are less vulnerable than wireless networks.

A home that implements structured wiring will have a speedy and secure digital backbone, allowing trouble-free transmissions to and from your home’s tech systems. One key benefit is decreasing the burden that would be otherwise put on a Wi-Fi network.

With the advent of IoT (Internet of Things), there is a rapid rise of smart devices within a home. There are now smart thermostats and light controls that can be controlled over Wi-Fi with a smartphone or tablet. Even new refrigerators can be connected to the Internet. Add the increasing demand from video streaming, and a home’s wireless network can be overburdened unless it is supported by strong structured wiring.

Part 2 will discuss Wiring for Future Proofing and Adding Fiber to Your Home’s Network.

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