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Written by Walt Meyer

Selecting an Electrical Contractor for Your Motel or Hotel

Selecting the right electrical contractor is critical for the success of your motel or hotel project. You must find an electrical services company that is expert, experienced, reputable, and reliable. The following is a basic guide that will help you succeed in your search.


Project Requirements & Deadlines


When you are interviewing an electrical contractor, discuss details of the project. Will it be new construction or will it be a remodel or renovation? What is the size of the project – a suite, floor, or a whole building? Seek companies that have experience and skills in the type of project your company will be undertaking.


Discuss your company’s timelines for the project. Experienced electrical contractors may be able to complete projects in less time than those that are inexperienced. Will they be able to meet the deadlines required by your company’s needs?


Insurance Coverage & References


Ask the electrical contractor to provide their company’s certificate of insurance for worker’s compensation and general liability. The insurance coverage should be adequate for your company’s project.


Ask for and check references. A reputable electrical services company will be able to provide references and testimonials from previous clients. Aside from discussing general topics such as communication, reliability, and quality of work, ask questions regarding the contractor’s performance that are pertinent to the demands of your motel or hotel project.


Estimate & Proposal


Request an estimate, preferably free, from each electrical contractor you are considering. They will often use set T&M rates (time and material rates), which helps calculate the cost of labor based on time spent and the cost of materials for the whole project. The estimate will include the time required to purchase and transport materials to your facility. Carefully examine each estimate for accuracy and completeness.


For the next step, the contractor selected will present a proposal in the form of an agreement confirming your company’s consent regarding the estimated cost of the project, timelines, and other terms prior to the commencement of work. This contract will also allow your firm to budget for the project’s expenditures. Any revision or overrun will need prior discussion and approval by both parties before being carried out.


Electrical Services You Can Trust


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