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Written by Walt Meyer

Reasons a Room’s Electrical Outlets Are Not Working

When your whole house loses electricity, it’s usually because of issues involving the electrical panel or the utility company. However, when electrical outlets are not working in a single room it’s a little harder to figure out.

Below are the possible reasons why an outlet may not be working. Always work with a licensed electrician for your safety and the best results.

Burned Marks on Outlets

This is a huge red flag in terms of an electrical fire hazard. Caused by overloading, scorch marks, sizzling sounds, and melting in or around an outlet needs to be addressed as soon as possible by a licensed electrician.

Faulty Appliance Plugs and Cords

Check each appliance, searching for damage, melting, and wear on its plug and cord. If either is in bad condition, get a replacement. Plug back in and hit the reset button if both are in good shape.

GFCI Outlet Needs Reset

GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets are typically located in a basement, bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room in areas where water can be present. Safety electrical code requires GFCI outlets to prevent an electrocution resulting from water touching an outlet. Reset the button located on each GFCI outlet.

Loosened Electrical Wiring

A single outlet or even several can malfunction due to a loose wire. Loosening may be due to a poor installation or the passing of time. A professional can reattach or replace loose wires to ensure that electrical outlets are working.

Older Outlets

Older outlets sometimes stop working due to wear and tear. Simply replacing an old and defective outlet will usually solve the problem, but it should be performed by a licensed electrician.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Try an experiment by unplugging every electrical device in the problem room. Then flip the breaker for that room to the OFF position then turn it back ON. If the breaker fails to snap back into the proper position or it trips repeatedly, this likely means there is a problem with the electrical panel, and you will need help from a licensed electrician.

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