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Written by Walt Meyer

Maximize Benefits From Your Home’s Exterior Lighting – Part 1

Owners of single-family houses, townhouses or condos should treat their exterior lighting with as much thought as they do interior lighting. This is an aspect of your home that can be improved in a fairly short amount of time. The following summarizes the benefits of exterior lighting at night:

  • Increases safety by making it safer to walk around while discouraging crime.
  • Provides a warm welcome when visitors visit your home.
  • Highlights and accentuates your architectural and landscape features.
  • Creates a more comfortable and friendly atmosphere in lounging areas.
  • Allows outdoor cooking and dining for family and guests.
  • Beautifies home’s exteriors, helping increase resale value.

Keep in mind that the above benefits do not automatically result from exterior lighting. An effective lighting scheme requires sound planning and proper execution. The following will offer valuable tips.

Balancing Aesthetics and Security

Start the process by going outside at night with a flashlight and walk all the way around your home. Make notes of the dark areas that need more lighting for safety. Also note any interesting architectural and landscape features that can be highlighted for their beauty. 

As you would for indoor lighting, take notice of how the three main types of lighting –  ambient for general lighting, task for performing acts like cooking, and accent for highlighting features – can be used for your exterior areas.

It is important not to overlook those areas outside your home that may need their lighting upgraded. Take your time by studying key outdoor areas and features, such as the driveway, garage doors, front door, stairways, address plate, mailbox, landscaping, flagpoles, porches, patios, walkways, pool, cooking & dining area, and hot tub.

During this process of determining where more lighting is needed, think about the direction and intensity of lights. It is not necessarily true that direct lighting is suitable for every area. When bright light is coming from the wrong direction, it can glare in someone’s eyes and make walking unsafe. Ambient or diffused lighting may be enough to create a more welcoming atmosphere.

Part 2 will discuss Selecting Exterior Fixtures, Determine Lighting Style, Be Aware of Ratings, and How Outdoor Areas Can Increase Home Value.

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