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Written by Walt Meyer

Improve Your Motel or Hotel With a Licensed Electrician – Part 1

By benefiting from backup power, energy efficiency, regular maintenance, and a strong electrical infrastructure, motels and hotels can be improved by working with a licensed electrician. Below covers seven ways a licensed electrician can help your facility save money and increase profitability.

Backup Power

A business equipped with an emergency standby generator can keep running even when power from the local utility is lost. The productivity of employees can be maintained, and the lighting and security systems will keep guests and employees safe at the facility. Extended power outages caused by severe weather occasionally occur, and having a backup power system installed will let your business continue operating.

Energy Efficiency

Having energy efficiency will minimize electrical usage, saving money and helping the environment. By installing energy efficient lighting and wiring, guest facilities will use less power. Decreasing electrical consumption also helps during the warmer months by lowering temperatures in buildings, reducing the need for air conditioning.

Regular Maintenance

When a motel or hotel does not schedule regular inspections by a licensed electrician, there is a higher probability of things going wrong electrically, resulting in unsafe conditions. Electrical issues can lead to damaged equipment or a deadly fire that can permanently shut down a guest facility.

By performing regular inspections and maintenance, a professional can find electrical problems before they cause expensive downtimes or serious injuries to employees or guests. Working with a licensed electrician will allow guest facilities to plan needed repairs and improvements on electrical infrastructure and budget properly.

Strong Electrical Infrastructure

Working with a licensed electrician will help ensure that your facility’s wiring and other electrical infrastructure will be properly installed and up to date. For example, installing Cat6a, the Ethernet cabling standard for new installation, will allow your business to have faster internet connectivity.

Speedier data transmissions and quicker download times will raise employee productivity, increasing revenue generating potential. Higher bandwidth capability allowing reliable videoconferencing will also promote cooperation between team members.

Part 2 will discuss Better Guest and Employee Conditions, Compliance & Safety, and Additional Electrical Services.

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