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Written by Walt Meyer

Homeowner’s Checklist for Winter Electrical Safety – Part 2

Part 2 continues with more tasks that will improve your home’s electrical safety.


Be Cautious About Heating


Research by the National Fire Protection Association found that around 15% of residential fires were caused by heating equipment. The main cause of fire was the misuse of space heaters. If you plan to use space heaters, ensure they are used only on a flat and level floor and that they are plugged directly into a wall outlet and are the only item plugged into that wall outlet. Do not plug a space heater into a surge protector or extension cord as space heaters can overheat those devices, potentially causing a fire. Do not use a space heater with a damaged or worn out electrical cord or leave it running unattended.


Check Outdoor Lighting


Improperly working lights outside can decrease the security of your home. The addition of a motion-detection lighting will not only increase security, it will help prevent injuries due to falls and trips caused by dark areas.


Inspect Electrical Infrastructure


All outlets, sockets, plugs, fixtures, and wires will eventually wear out and may become potential safety hazards. Hire a licensed electrician to inspect the electrical infrastructure of your home annually to verify equipment is working properly and up to code. This professional can recommend upgrades or fixes, helping prevent deadly electrical fires.


Install Surge Protection


Cold weather results in the use of space heaters, which can significantly burden outlets and their circuits and lead to fire. By hiring a licensed electrician to properly install surge protection on each outlet, the safety of your home and family will be greatly improved. Consider the installation of a whole house surge protector wired to the main electrical panel for the highest level of protection.


Maintain HVAC System


Make sure to remove any debris from your home’s air conditioning and heating units. This includes clearing and cleaning the air vents inside your house.


Prune Overgrown Trees


Overgrown tree branches and limbs can bring down power lines during winter storms. Ask the local utility for help in pruning trees that can touch power lines. Aside from causing power outages, fallen power lines are deadly hazards that can lead to fires and electrocution.


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