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Written by Walt Meyer

Home Electrical Upgrades for Autumn – Part 1

Do you have a feeling that your home’s electrical system is getting worn out and outdated? If so, use the autumn months to perform electrical upgrades that will get you ready for the colder months. The holiday season will put additional stress on wiring because of the jump in power consumption.

Carrying out electrical upgrades and repairs to your electrical system can deliver benefits such as a safer home, decreased utility bills, and a higher resale value for your house. The following will discuss six fall home electrical upgrades to consider. Always work with a licensed electrician for safety and the best results.

Carbon Dioxide Detectors & Smoke Alarms

Carbon dioxide detectors and smoke alarms can protect your family even when everyone is asleep. Their ability to detect even small traces of hazardous gases and sound the alarm will help ensure safety in your home around the clock.

When it gets colder, you will be lighting up your fireplace, so there will be a greater risk of a fire. It will also be time to activate your gas or oil-burning furnace, which may produce a hazardous level of carbon dioxide if your home’s venting is faulty. Maryland also passed a law for smoke alarms that has required compliance since January 1, 2018.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Electrical service panels, especially in homes several decades old, may be outdated and unable to meet modern power demands. Newly constructed homes are equipped with electrical panels that can handle at least 200 amps.

As the number of appliances and devices has grown over the years, many owners of older homes find they have persistent issues such as flickering lights and circuit breakers tripping. Talk to a professional about getting an electrical panel upgrade, which is also known as a heavy-up, if you have these problems.

GFCI Installation

GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protection will make your home safer. They are essential for areas in the home where water or moisture is present, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

An outlet is equipped with a built-in circuit breaker that can cut off electricity immediately when it detects an unsafe difference between input and output currents. This prevents electrocution that can cause serious injury or even death.

Part 2 will cover Indoor Lighting & Outdoor Lighting, Switch & Outlet Replacement, and Whole Home Surge Protection.

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