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Written by Walt Meyer

Great Reasons for Getting an Electrical Panel Upgrade This Spring

Spring is only a few weeks away and is the ideal season for determining what needs maintenance around your home after the harsh winter. Having your electrical panel inspected should be on your list. Your panel may need to be upgraded now, but you may not even know it. Below will cover the top reasons why an upgrade may be due.

1) Damaged by Water

If there’s water damage on or around your electrical panel, it should be examined by a licensed electrician for damage. There could be dangerous water damage if you see rust on your electrical panel, along with moisture above the ceiling or around the wall nearby. Other hazardous symptoms are chalky dust or powder buildup on its wires.

2) Incorrect Installation

The incorrect installation of an electrical panel and its wiring could be dangerous to your home and family. On top of that, the improper work of an unlicensed electrician or poorly done DIY project can seriously violate local regulations and not be up to code. Hiring a licensed electrician to inspect your electrical panel will help ensure your home and family are safe.

3) Poor Manufacturing

Some older homes are equipped with poorly made electrical panels installed by electricians who were unaware of their low quality. As time passed, the models were discovered to have hazardous defects. Serious issues resulted in breakers failing to trip. Two panels found to be defective are Zinsco and Federal Pacific Electric. Your home might also have an obsolete panel like a fuse box or split bus. Consult with a licensed electrician to replace them to increase safety.

4) Insufficient Power Capacity

Each electrical panel has a certain area for accommodating circuit breakers and a maximum amp rating. Many older electrical panels are outdated and unable to meet modern electrical demands. Newly built houses and electrical panel upgrades (heavy ups) now require a minimum of 200 amps.

5) Frequently Tripping Circuits and Blowing Fuses

If your electrical system often experiences circuits tripping or fuses blowing, it usually indicates that your home requires an electrical panel upgrade. Increase the safety of your house and family by calling a local licensed electrician and requesting an inspection if you have these hazardous symptoms.

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