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Written by Walt Meyer

Electricians Also Provide Data, Telephone & AV Cabling Services

Most homeowners aren’t aware that licensed electricians also provide structured cabling aside from traditional electrical services. Many are skilled and experienced in data, telephone and AV (audiovisual) cabling. When these services are needed, an experienced electrician will often be the best choice for your home. We’ll cover the main aspects of installing residential cabling.

Data Cabling

Data cabling provides the pathways of every network, allowing the transmission and sharing of information by its users. The Internet era has made networking essential for homes. However, the use of data cables is not restricted to the Internet. They come in a several types – data, video, audio, and telephone. To obtain the best results, it’s wise to consult with professionals about your data and cabling requirements.

Factors to Consider

Several factors will make each cabling system unique to others. The structure of the home where it will be installed should be considered. What will be purpose of each type of cable installed? What kind of electronic equipment will each support? Should the existing system be completely replaced or upgraded?

The homeowner should also be asked about their specific needs so they may be addressed. Combined, the answers to these questions sometimes make a project complicated, therefore you should rely on a professional to help prevent technical problems in the future.

System Design

The key to the success of a home network is its design and when the design considers the factors above, the installation of the cabling system will be fast, efficient, and as trouble-free as possible. The licensed electricians you hire should take responsibility for the whole process from consultation, design, planning, budgeting, through installation of the new network.

Cabling Services

Below are cabling and wiring services that are typically offered by licensed electricians, which will include electrical wiring installation for the network’s power requirements.

• AV (Audio / Visual)
• Ethernet Cabling (Cat5e / Cat6a)
• Network Cabling
• Telephone Line Cabling
• Wi-Fi

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