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Written by Walt Meyer

Electrical Considerations for Your New Entertainment Center

Typically the centerpiece of many modern homes, entertainment centers feature HD televisions, Blu-ray players, music players, game systems, and multi-speaker systems. A lighting scheme will also be needed in the entertainment center if you want a home theater feel.

Having all these electrical components can present challenges for your home’s power system. It is important to be aware of potential issues prior to setting up your new entertainment center. The following will discuss three key electrical considerations.

Balanced Power Load

An entertainment center with a great density of components will probably require the use of strip plugs and surge protectors. There will be a lot of power-hungry components that are plugged into a few outlets. Talk to a licensed electrician about ensuring that your home’s circuits can cope with the additional load. If it can’t, your professional will propose some sure and safe solutions.


Work with a licensed electrician who will hand wire your system with care. The non-professional may let cables and speaker wires get out of control and become a tangled mess. This usually happens behind the entertainment center system, where they become a clustered mess. There are situations where wires need to run through tough spots like doorways or behind walls to connect remote speakers. An experienced professional can give you lots of help here.


Having electronics bunched together will certainly make it hot for your entertainment center. Consistently high heat can damage expensive components and your home’s electrical system. Heat can be mitigated by providing adequate ventilation to every component. Another tip is having your electrician ensure that cables and wires are kept a sufficient distance away from hot spots. This will help make your system cooler and safer.

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