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Written by Walt Meyer

Best Benefits From Working With a Local Licensed Electrician – Part 1

Homeowners who are experiencing an electrical emergency want to fix the problem as soon as possible and usually look for an electrician who offers same-day services. Homeowners would benefit by taking the time to read any online reviews before placing a call.

Even more important is verifying whether an electrician is licensed. This will help protect your home and family from improperly performed electrical work that might endanger your safety. The following will cover why selecting a licensed electrician will get the best results.

Liability Insurance

It is a possibility that an electrician can get injured on the job at your home. Licensed electricians must carry liability insurance, so if they are injured at your home, you won’t be held responsible for any medical bills or other expenses associated with the accident.

Every licensed electrician needs to obtain a surety bond. This protects their clients because if they do not finish a job for any reason, they will be compensated a preset sum of money. An electrician who does not offer surety coverage could leave a project incomplete or poorly performed without any financial consequences.

Hiring a licensed electrician means they are accountable for the services they perform. They cannot leave a project half-completed. These professionals carry sufficient insurance and bonds to cover their work.

Equipped With Every Tool Needed

Most homeowners won’t have all the tools and equipment needed to carry out even a DIY electrical project safely. In addition, larger projects will require experienced technicians already equipped with all the necessary to perform and complete a project properly. 

Although sometimes appearing simple, many DIY repairs require a complete set of tools for performing the electrical work. Equipment may include circuit breaker finders, hacksaws, measuring devices, multimeters, outlet testers, power tools, voltage sensors, and more. A licensed electrician has typically invested significantly in acquiring the required tools.

Part 2 will discuss Ongoing Education and No Shortcuts.

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