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Written by Walt Meyer

Advantages of a Home Lighting Control System

Perhaps the most advantageous component of a smart home is its lighting system. An automated lighting will not only enhance the appearance of your home, it can result in significant energy savings over the years. The following will discuss the advantages of a home lighting control system.


Energy Savings


Typically, lighting makes up about 10% of the energy costs of a home. Installing a home lighting control system can lead to the reduction of utility costs over the long term. This is accomplished through the reduction or elimination of lighting in rooms that are not being used. By using sensors, a system can instantly respond and adjust lighting as needed.


On average, 18% of an American home’s energy costs will be spent on air conditioning. This can be reduced significantly by installing automated motorized shades and blinds. Once a room’s light sensors detect sunlight, blinds can be lowered to decrease the demand on the cooling system. This is quite crucial in coastal regions, where there is bright sunlight and many windows leading to very high energy consumption during warmer seasons.


Enhancement of Appearance


A traditional lighting system is either on or off. Installing dials or rheostats will provide more control, but will need to be manually adjusted when lights are turned on. Fortunately, a home lighting control system features a keypad with buttons that can be programmed for specific uses and looks. When you press a button, the lights in a room can provide the exact illumination scheme you desire. For example, a painting can be highlighted by an accent light. If you are a romantic mood, the light levels can be set to automatically become darker.


Improved Security & Safety


The integration of a home’s lighting system with the alarm system can improve security.

If the alarm is triggered, your home’s lighting can be programmed to automatically begin flashing on and off. This is designed to startle an intruder, decreasing the probability they will continue entering your home. The same principle can be applied to a home’s smoke and fire alarm systems. The fastest escape routes can be lit to guide residents to the nearest exit.


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